Performance Management Training

This one-day course focuses on how to obtain the best possible performance from your staff, particularly how to improve the performance of individuals who are currently under-performing. This course will show you how to communicate with those individuals, criticing their performance without attacking them personally. Learn to distinguish between their reasons and excuses, followed by getting their commitment to a higher standard of performance.

Management performance must be seen to be consistent and fair to all staff. This is achieved through communicating with the individuals to get them to change their behaviour and to direct their focus where it should be.

Performance Management Training Course Overview

  • Getting the best from yourself and others.
  • Developing your performance management skills.
  • Why clear, unambiguous communication is vital.
  • Setting and communicating goals.
  • How to ensure criticism is not destructive.
  • Using affirmative language to give instructions.
  • Distinguish between critic v cynic.
  • Handling emotions.
  • Use factual language, not opinionated language.
  • Correcting inappropriate behaviour.
  • Gaining agreement to the correct behaviour
  • How to distinguish reasons from excuses.

Date: Monday 06 December 2021

Time: 09:00 - 16:30

Cost: 450.00

Contact Person: N/A

Phone Number: 01452 856091