Communication Skills Training Course

This one-day Communication Skills Training Course will provide you with essential skills to communicate more effectively, helping you to express your message clearly and confidently, and avoid mis-understandings.

This instructive, practical training will give you all the help you need to communicate convincingly and persuasively in meetings and interviews. In addition, this course will help you handle difficult people and deal with unpleasant situations which may arise, especially when you need to handle poor performance issues. You will leave this course feeling a more confident and motivated communicator.

Communication Skills Training Course Overview

  • Make your communications more specific.
  • Communicate your message and goals with more clarity, and persuasion.
  • Improving listening skills and asking the right questions.
  • Speak and write more accurately, by giving clear definitions.
  • Speak in more optimistic terms.
  • Avoid accidental "negative commands" 
  • How to be assertive rather than aggressive or passive.
  • Give constructive, not destructive criticism.
  • Find the solutions to problems.
  • Handle difficult people with greater ease.
  • Distinguish between "a fact" and "an opinion".
  • Proper use of humour.
  • Proper use of your body language and voice tones.
  • Giving praise and appreciation.

All delegates receive a certificate of attendance.

This course is also available as a live, interactive course and as in-house training.

Date: Wednesday 19 January 2022

Time: 09:00 - 16:30

Cost: 540.00

Contact Person: N/A

Phone Number: 01452 856091