#MIVReveals - MOJU

Co-founders of juice brand MOJU, Charlie Leet-Cook and Rich Goldsmith, will be joining us on Twitter for #MIVReveals on Wednesday 20th January at 4pm. 

Charlie and Rich met at university and like most people nowadays, they were working long hours and leading hectic lives, so they started juicing at home to help stay healthy.  Unable to find genuinely nutritious juices elsewhere that didn’t bust their wallets, they ditched their jobs, determined to make their tastier and healthier juices available to everyone.

MOJU began with tasting sessions at Charlie’s mum’s book club and, after gaining rave reviews, they started spreading the word about their juices at farmers’ markets and festivals from the back of Charlie’s gran’s old VW Golf.  The Golf was part delivery van, part office – Charlie zoomed around London making deliveries, parking outside Rich’s office for impromptu conference calls and high-powered business ‘meetings’ in the boot.

After constant tweaking and improvements, MOJU are proud to be launching their range of convenient, cold pressed juices that mean real people, with naturally busy lives can get the good stuff they need to stay healthy and happy.

MOJU are currently launching nationwide with their three super-nourishing, cold-pressed juices that use more nutrient-rich veg than sugary fruit.  Launched into Harrods, As Nature Intended and a raft of deli and health foods stores across the South East, MOJU is currently lining up a host of national stockists and will soon be available via their website for office and home delivery.


If you want to hear more about MOJU, then tune into our Twitter interview on Wednesday 20th January at 4pm, following the hashtag #MIVReveals.

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