#MIVReveals - Robert Rawlinson, CEO of Screach

Robert Rawlinson, CEO of Screach, will be joining us on Twitter for #MIVReveals on Wednesday 27th January at 4pm.

Screach helps venues such as retail shops and pubs to provide their customers a better experience by screening their own adverts during TV ad breaks. The cloud based platform works globally, generating revenues from subscriptions and advertising. Robert leads the Screach team, who have years of Senior Executive experience and several business exits under their belts and are committed to making a difference through technology.

Screach delivers a venue their very own bespoke, intelligent TV channel via the Screach smart box that can turn under-utilised TVs into a powerful sales and marketing tool. This not only allows a venue to advertise and show interesting content to their customers, but also has a smart element that uses data to dynamically influence the screen content and link to people’s mobiles to increase customer interactivity. 

Robert previously worked internationally in the Telco and Digital Media sectors for Sony, IBM, Dixons and UniqueAir (Unipart Group) primarily in new venture development. Key skills and experience in turnarounds and developing new ventures from virtual start up to exit especially in subscriber management businesses. A relevant example was the building and exit of Genesis Communications to Dixons for £32m.

If you want to hear more from Robert Rawlinson, then tune into our Twitter interview on Wednesday 27th January at 4pm, following the hashtag #MIVReveals.

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