Employing someone for your business?

So your business has got off to a 'Flying Start'!  Congratulations.   

You are now considering employing someone.

It may be that you have more work than you can handle by yourself or you might be looking to bring fresh ideas into your business. 

This can often seem daunting so we have put together some top tips to help you along the way.  


1) Consider the type of worker that you require

Could the job be carried out by a part-time, freelance worker or an apprentice?
Many functions can be outsourced without the need of making someone an employee such as bookkeeping and IT.  Taking on an apprentice can come with financial incentive through government support schemes.        

2) Take time to write a clear, detailed job description and person specification

Getting this right at the start can save a great deal of time and expense later on. 

A good job description should contain a job title; duties; skills; reporting lines and salary.

If set out comprehensively it should help to ensure that you only receive applications from those with suitable skills and experience.   

Remember that this document is vital after you have recruited as it is a means of measuring performance. 

3) Read up on on National Minimum Wage and the basics on Equality and Diversity laws

You are required to pay the minimum wage. 

To see details on the current minimum wage for each age group click here.  

On the 1st of April 2016 the National Living Wage will be introduced for all employees over 25.

When writing job descriptions, person specifications and conducting interviews you must not discriminate.             

You can find a guide to this in the Mi Ventures group ‘Employing People’- a great place to go to get lots of useful information on this area.    

4) Use your existing networks to advertise the post                

Agencies can be expensive so try to advertise the post on your social media sites such as LinkedIn and through your personal and business connections. 

You can also advertise your vacancy on the government site Universal Jobmatch.                                 

5) Ask someone else to join you when you interview                

It’s a cliché, but when it comes to interviewing two heads really are better than one!
Having another person assist you with interviewing allows for one of you to take notes whilst the other keeps the interview flowing and also helps with maintaining an objective viewpoint about the candidate.

Emmajane Taylor-Moran, Partner, Head of Employment Law, Gelbergs Solicitors recommends:   

At all stages in the appointment process, i.e. when advertising the role, shortlisting for interview and then deciding who to appoint, remember to focus on the skills, qualifications and experience needed for the role, and not on the type of person you think would be suitable. This way you can hopefully avoid any inadvertent or indirect discrimination.

Free information on these tips, including downloadable templates,
can be accessed by joining the ‘Employing People’ group at Mi Ventures. 

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