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“Friendly, trustworthy and immediate business advice just when I needed it”

Lauren Grover, Vanity Bites, New business start-up / Mi Ventures user

Although in a great job with good career prospects, Lauren Grover’s heart was always somewhere else.  After years of dreaming about starting her own vegan, cruelty-free health and beauty online retail store, Lauren finally embarked on the journey of self-employment.

First stop, writing a business plan - that’s just a simple document right?  Wrong.  It soon became apparent to Lauren that a business plan required a lot more in-depth thought and information than anticipated.  Before discovering Mi Ventures, Lauren first searched on Google for guidance and advice, as most of us do.  She soon found herself lost in a minefield of information - confused at what information was right and whether it was from a trustworthy source.  Lauren said:

“Internet search engines are a fantastic resource of information however there are times when no amount of trawling through business forums will provide the answer I am looking for.  I’m so glad that I found the Mi Ventures chat service when I did as it provided me with friendly, trustworthy and immediate business advice just when I needed it, so I could get on with my business planning!”

Lauren sought help from Mi Ventures, available free of charge to her as a resident of East Hertfordshire Council.  Speaking to a business advisor via live chat, she soon got the support and advice needed for her to write her own business plan as well as the answers to a whole range of other start-up questions:

“The advisor helped me to understand every aspect of my plan and what I needed to document.  It’s still something I refer to now to make sure I’m on track.  Even yesterday I was updating the cashflow to make sure I wasn’t splurging business cash that would get me into trouble a few months down the line.  The live chat service is friendly, fast and the advisors are never patronising.  It’s very accessible for people to use - a great tool for start-ups!”

Now, some months later - with the help of Mi Ventures, Lauren has created a solid business plan and is confident she is ready to launch her new enterprise, Vanity Bites, in the coming months:  

“Sometimes the simplest of problems can escalate into confusion.  Self-doubt can trigger a range of questions.  Mi Ventures is an open door that I can always go to when I need to check if I’m doing things right.  The facility has been fantastic for the start-up phase of my business and I know it will also prove useful for the future, I’ve always got professional advice at hand when I need it!”

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